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Counselling |  Professional Supervision 

Supporting your positive change

Life Adjustment Counselling brings support, growth and development for you in your personal life or your professional role.

Developing the skills to overcome problems and move through issues is all part of life’s journey.

Specialising In:

Adjustment problems, family conflict, substance use problems, chronic stress.

For adolescents, young adults and adults.

A Person Centred Approach


Adam Peaty provides counselling for adults and teens with various concerns that may occur across the life span from emerging adulthood to the elderly. Specifically, Adam works with anxiety and depression, concerns about “feeling stuck” with a particular situation and life adjustment challenges. Adam works on exploring ways to handle stress, family conflict, coping with Family Court issues, and addressing substance use problems. He can also support individuals who want support to get motivated to create positive life changes.

Adam helps individuals through problem experiences to find their meaning and purpose in life. He does this by ensuring that the key focus is on how people choose to overcome the challenges they face and determine their next life goals.

Counselling is offered in a flexible way combining self acceptance, self compassion, problem solving and existential approaches for individuals looking to come to counselling for either short term or long term work.

Counselling is available online and in person in South Fremantle area.

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Professional Supervision

Working with people within current complex, human services continues to provide challenges for helping professionals who must learn to adapt to increasing demands whilst working out how to meet their initial goals and aims without sacrificing their own values. 

I provide regular professional supervision as an experienced, independent social work supervisor who has worked in the fields of child protection, alcohol and drug, family court and foster carer support. I have worked in middle management positions as well as front line. I understand the various tensions and potential conflict areas that helping professionals will experience at some point in their careers and have supported helping professionals in supervision since 2002. Engaging in professional supervision means working together to address alternatives for how you can manage the various demands and challenges you will encounter whilst focussing on your own goals and skills development. Together, we can explore ways for you to sustain yourself in your current and future work roles.

With my experience in establishing my own private practice over more than 20 years, and publishing a book with useful tips and guidance for starting up a private practice I can also provide mentoring if you wish to transition into private initiatives.  I provide a compassionate, conversational and flexible environment to enable supervisees to open up new ideas and insights, increase self-acceptance and self-compassion, and cultivate the ability to set goals to achieve enhanced wellbeing and professional skills.

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✺  Adam is the first long term external supervisor I have used.  He provides a calm and reflective space for social work supervision and this makes a useful space for me. He has a wealth of practice and experience. He gently guides the conversation and uses the space to provide good direction or insights when required.  Adam will encourage me at times to consider issues outside my workplace, that impact on my work and how this may be addressed.

Tanya, Social Worker

✾  Adam provided a ‘relationship built on trust, sharing of skills, resources and knowledge, supportive, available, accessible and flexible sessions supervisee led and nurturing to encourage learning and stretching personal limits with confidence’. The benefits to my work role included ‘clear boundary setting, time management, the ability to assess and implement new business practice and improved casework analysis’.

Sandra, Private Practitioner

✱  Adam provided comprehensive direction, support, and guidance that I needed as a new social work manager and supervisor. I felt confident that Adam’s knowledge and experience as both a practitioner and supervisor gave me tools and suggestions that I needed to successfully navigate the supervisory complexities of working within a not-for-profit agency. I would highly recommend Adam as a supervisor for both new and experienced social workers.

Tara, Manager

ABOUT – Adam Peaty BSW, Masters Prelim,  AASW Social Worker

Adam provides counselling, supervision and assessment services that are person centred and solution focussed.. Adam has worked as a social worker since 1992 with experience in working with adults, families, children and organisations.

He has worked with families in the Family Court for over 20 years and understands that life (whether at home or work) can at times create serious challenges.

Adam works on the principle that making adjustments and building on our strengths is a key part of overcoming difficulties. Adam brings an appreciation of the challenges involved in overcoming substance dependence, transitioning serious family problems, career development challenges and major grief and loss. Adam encourages that all changes be made with respect for people to determine their own goals and plans in their own unique way.

Life Adjustment Counselling

South Fremantle, Western Australia

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