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Supporting your positive change

Life Adjustment Counselling brings support, growth and development for you in your personal life or your professional role.

Developing the skills to overcome problems and move through issues is all part of life’s journey.

Specialising In:

Counselling for growth and development, coping with difficulties and adjusting to problems.

For teenagers, young adults and adults.

A Person Centred Approach


Adam Peaty provides counselling for adults and teens with various concerns that may occur across the life span from emerging adulthood to the elderly. Specifically, Adam works with anxiety and depression, concerns about “feeling stuck” with a particular situation and life adjustment challenges. Adam works on exploring ways to handle stress, family conflict, coping with Family Court issues, and addressing substance use problems. Adam can also support you if you just want some support to get motivated to create positive change in your life.

Adam uses a flexible multi-modal approach based on Solution Focussed Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Systems Theory and Mindfulness. Linked with these are the principles of self-determination, positive psychology and trauma informed practice. Adam ensures the key focus is to strongly support people as they navigate the challenges that life transitions will bring.

Counselling can be provided online if you are unable to attend in person.

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Social Work Supervision

Adam Peaty provides professional supervision for social workers and other helping professionals using a collaborative approach. There is a strong focus on continuous professional development, career enhancement, worker safety, risk management, healthy boundaries and self-care. Adam adheres to the Professional Social Work Standards as defined by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Supervision Standards (2014) which form the basis of the standards applied.

Adam can support workers if they are dealing with conflict or other challenges in their workplace. He provides mentoring to workers as they transition into private practice. Professional supervision is offered face to face in Adam’s office in South Fremantle via video link/telephone for those based some distance away.

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Family Assessments

Assessments are available for referring professionals such as lawyers, non government agencies and other helping professionals. Various reports are available to support decision making regarding parenting disputes, parenting capacity, children’s wishes, child protection, substance abuse, domestic violence and foster care.

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ABOUT – Adam Peaty BSW, Masters Prelim, Accredited AASW Social Worker

Adam provides counselling, supervision and assessment services that are person centred, solution focussed and give value for money. Adam has worked as a social worker since 1992 with experience in working with adults, families, children and organisations.

He has worked with families in the Family Court for over 20 years. He understands that life (whether at home or work) can at times create serious challenges.

Adam works on the principle that making adjustments and building on our strengths is a key part of overcoming difficulties. Adam brings lived experience of overcoming substance dependence, transitioning serious family problems, career development challenges and major grief and loss.

Life Adjustment Counselling

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