About Adam Peaty

Adam is an experienced helping professional since 1992 working with adults, families, children and organisations. He has been in private practice for over 20 years providing counselling, professional supervision and assessments. He understands that life (whether at home or at work) can at times create serious challenges. Adam works on the principle that making adjustments and building on our strengths is a key part of overcoming difficulties.

Adam brings lived experience of overcoming substance dependence, transitioning serious family problems, career development challenges and major grief and loss. His counselling practice is based upon working with people to develop the ideas and tools they need to move forward and live the best life they can. Adam also believes that supporting people to find fun in their lives is important, so it’s ok to have a laugh in the therapy room!

Meditation & Mindfulness

At a personal level Adam has practiced Insight Meditation (which is based on mindfulness) for many years. Mindfulness is recognised as a useful tool to assist in maintaining an aware presence during any activity.


“Adam is an extremely deep and holistic thinker and always encourages different alternative ways to focus on best practice and a continued balance between personal needs and the needs of the clients I was working with”.

Lucy, Social Worker

Helping professionals

Adam has a strong focus on providing support and growth opportunities to helping professionals via social work supervision and coaching. Professional supervision provides the necessary environment to maintain healthy practice, ongoing professional development and to ensure risks are properly managed. It is an effective way to manage compassion fatigue and prevent burn out.

Adam brings to his supervision his experience not only as a frontline worker but also in middle management. Adam has provided training in the areas of self-care, mental health assessment, working with reluctant clients, dealing with conflict and starting a private practice. 

Feeling Stuck

It’s not unusual to at times feel “stuck” and in need of help to work out how to solve issues in life. Addressing challenges can be healthy and help us to grow. Making sure the options are safe and don’t cause hard landings is a key part of Adam’s approach. Adam works collaboratively. That means he listens closely and provides the time and space needed for people to express what their concerns are, what their goals are and to identify the best strategies to address issues affecting them.


Adam combines his many years of practice experience with training he has completed in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy and Trauma Informed Care. Adam bring energy and enthusiasm to his practice. He uses a dynamic approach, which includes being willing to challenge people if necessary to move beyond looking at problems or feeling concerned about them, to actually developing viable options to address their concerns.


As an experienced senior helping professional I bring a depth of experience in various speciality areas. My current interests are in using holistic counselling approaches that hold mindfulness and compassion at the centre. For my supervision role, I am committed to supporting private practitioner small business start ups as a vital, exciting and challenging area for social workers and other helping professionals.


Adam Peaty BSW

Life Adjustment Counselling

Life Adjustment Counselling is provided in South Fremantle in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

Easily accessible by bus and train with on street parking.

ONLINE COUNSELLING and ONLINE SUPERVISION is also provided for your convenience.