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Through supervision Adam can support workers to not only develop their skills and abilities but also to deal with issues such as conflict in the workplace, performance issues, inter-agency conflict, agency changes, workplace crises, compassion fatigue and burn out, or other serious challenges. 

Professional supervision can make a major difference to the way workers and organisations ensure the achievement of high quality and consistent outcomes for people who access their services. It is essential for the support and motivation of workers in demanding jobs. High quality supervision contributes to staff retention, improved team functioning, resilience of workers and it supports their wellbeing. Professional supervision is one of the most effective measures that can be put in place to ensure positive outcomes and quality services for service recipients.

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Often the day to day business of working in the helping professions does not allow sufficient opportunities for reflection and reflective practice. Professional supervision provides the necessary space for these activities to occur. Reflection and reflective practice are essential for workers to not only ensure their daily work is of a high standard but also to give workers the opportunity to stretch their thinking, reflect on not only what they do, but also the how and why of it. Reflective practice is essential for development as a worker in the helping professions.

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Adam uses a collaborative, empathic and non-judgmental approach to supervision with a strong focus on continuous professional development, career enhancement, worker safety, risk management, healthy boundaries and self-care. Adam adheres to the Professional Social Work Standards as defined by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Supervision Standards (2014) and the AASW Code of Ethics.


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Adam brings his many years of experience of working as a social worker in various organisations (in frontline and middle management) and in private practice. He has extensive experience in the areas of Family Court, Drug & Alcohol issues, Child Protection, Foster Care and Counselling. Before being in private practice Adam worked in Team Leader and Senior Casework Supervisor roles in the Dept for Child Protection in WA. Adam has also previously served on the board of an overseas aid agency for 10 years and has acquired expertise related to providing aid to a developing country, as well as expertise around the operation of boards and committees in agencies.


“The balanced approach to supervision helped me immensely, especially the first few years of my career when I was trying to understand myself in relation to my practice”. Lisa, Social Worker

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

Addressing workplace challenges

Adam can support workers if they are dealing with conflict or other challenges in their workplace such as:

Major changes

Organisational Restructures

Reviews or crises

Compassion fatigue and burn out

He provides coaching to workers as they transition into private practice. He has co-authored a guide to setting up private practice for helping professionals. See “Going Private in the Helping Professions”

Professional Supervision is offered face to face in Adam’s office in South Fremantle or other locations via video link/telephone if you are based some distance away.

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