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Adam has extensive experience in providing Family Assessment reports.


A Family Assessment can be needed for reasons such as family break up, separation, parenting difficulties, child protection issues, reunification and foster care. The process involves gathering comprehensive information to enable well-informed decisions that are in the best interests of children. Family Assessments entail interviewing parents/caregivers, children, significant others as well as relevant professionals. This ensures a full picture of the family system and its functioning is obtained. Developmental information about the children is also obtained.

Independent Comprehensive Reports

A family assessor is independent, uses evidence based social science theories and applies professional ethical principles. Being a social worker, Adam adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Australian Association of Social Workers. Adam has provided over 1,200 Family Assessment reports to courts and non-government agencies. He understands the importance of gathering comprehensive information from multiple sources, using theoretical and practical analysis and presenting the information so that it is understandable to everyone who needs to read it.


Adam has extensive experience in providing Child Wishes reports.


A Child Wishes Report is used to assist parties who are involved in disputes over the parenting arrangements for children either in the Family Court, Children’s Court or other dispute processes. A Child Wishes Report entails the child or young person being interviewed to ascertain what their experiences of existing parenting arrangements are and to find out their wishes about future parenting arrangements. The report is set out to show:

  • What the child/young person’s capacity to participate in the process is.
  • How they appear to be coping and their capability to provide views of their own.

Adam has interviewed thousands of children and young people in the context of disputes over parenting arrangements for children. He understands the types of concerns that children/young people can have about being interviewed in the context of parenting disputes.

A Supportive Child Focussed Environment

Adam provides a supportive environment for children and young people to feel safe and comfortable to express their views. Before providing a written report, Adam informs the child/young person of the information he has learnt from them and he checks what they wish to have put in the report. At all stages of the process Adam seeks to ensure that the child/young person feels that their voice will be accurately represented.

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